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Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Hammer and Hampel is a trusted real estate investment group, investing in class B and C value add multifamily projects. Our goal is to provide investors reliable returns through cash flow, and opportunities for individuals with large tax burdens to find income tax savings.

Investing with Hammer and Hampel

Benefits of investing with Morgan and Dan

Passive Investment

Investing with Hammer and Hampel is completely passive for our investors. It allows you, or investors to take full advantage of all things real estate without the hassel.


We invest side by side with our investors. All of our investments include a large capital contribution by the partners of HH.


Online portals available 24/7 to investors, frequent email updates, and direct access to our management team is a primary differentiator between HH and other investment platforms.

Hands On Managers

Morgan and Dan are actively involved with every one of our projects from capital raising to operations. Securing great assets is important, but having a competent and hard working management team should always be top priority.

Real Estate Investment Advantages

Tax Advantages

H&H uses cost segregation depreciation to take full advantage of the tax benefits of owning real estate, which is then passed on to our investors.

Cash Flow and Appreciation

Most of our projects include a value add opportunity which will allow us to force appreciation and increase our potential for a successful exit. While we hold properties, our intentions are to maximize revenue and minimize expenses in order to produce the larges ROI for our investors.

Diversification and Risk Aversion

Over the last few decades, Multifamily Apartment Communities have proven to be less volatile than the equities markets and residential real estate. With increasing inflation and a stock market that changes daily, trust that multifamily real estate is  a hedge against the unknown.


Our Story

Hammer and Hampel was created out of a desire to bring passive real estate investors MORE. It was founded by two real estate entrepreneurs who had invested in real estate through other partnerships, and felt that something was missing - the grit. The founders, Dan Nelson and Morgan Hampel, are both known for their drive and determination to see things through to fruition, and they have brought that mentality to the Real Estate world, through Hammer and Hampel.

Morgan and Dan grew up together in Minneapolis MN, and have since grown to become a dynamic duo for all things multifamily real estate investing. Together, their strong education backgrounds and leadership experience make them exceptional operators, which provides a great experience for investors, transaction partners, buyers|sellers, and tenants.

Our Strategy


Hundreds of Deals Per Year

It is our goal to maximize the amount of opportunities that we get to look at to allow us a look at every potential investment opportunity. We find opportunities through brokers, off market networks, and through our sphere of real estate partners.


Under 50 Deals Per Year

Once we run a project through our initial review, it makes it to the selection phase. Less than 1 out of every 10 investment opportunities get to this stage of review. We have specific key performance indicators that all of our opportunities must clear before we submit a letter of intent.


Under 10 Deals Per Year

Once the opportunities have been properly analyzed and our offer is selected, we secure the asset, then perform our pre-determined business plan.

Featured Investment

The Drake

The Drake is a 136 unit property located just west of Downtown Des Moines, one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest. The Drake is a community of 136 apartments across 6 structures and provides a mix of 66 1 bed/1 baths, 60 2 bed/1 baths, 2 3 bed / 2 baths, and 8 2 bed / 2 baths. Additionally, there is a great community space with a pool and outdoor grilling area. Our business plan includes renovating the remaining 110 units to capture a large portion of the current ‘loss to lease,’ improve the community spaces, and build revenue generating storage units on the property.

The drake was acquired in September of 2022 and is off to a great start. More updates to come. 

The Drake 2.jpg

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100 South 1st Street, PO Box 583442 Minneapolis, MN 55458


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